07 December 2010
A coat of many colours

{Webmaster}:- This is a copy of a letter received by our past chairman Sandy Matheson from Stornoway Trust, it is such a comical story i thought i would leave it on the site just to show you how some of our donations are received. 

  Hebridean Men’s Cancer Support 

Dear Sandy,

Group Charitable Offer :- The Stornoway Trust 

I hope that you are keeping well and that you can kindly forward the enclosed donation to your Group, which is granted with the sincere good wishes of the Stornoway Trust. The story behind the modest gesture starts with the reports of a stray sheep in Arnish, which drew attention to its plight by attacking parked vehicles within the yard. The situation came to a head when the SSPCA contacted the trust in the hope that the demented creature could be relieved of two or three seasons covering of wool. The intervention established that the beast was unmarked, untagged and obviously uncared for,or unclaimed for many years and, as a consequence was taken into care in Laxay where it was manicured in readiness for an impending livestock  auction at Steinish, but alas, having decided to explore the township in search of better grass available, managed to disappear thereby avoiding the trip to market. Her wandering continued until she finally found a secluded haven by the banks of a loch within a township plantation where she obviously enjoyed her own company and the sweet pasture from which the shareholders stock were evicted many years ago. Her freedom and high living continued until the morning of the November livestock auction day at the Mart where she was dispatched for sale in aid of a worthy charitable cause and I was greatly relieved when she caught the eye of a mainland buyer who has now taken her to pastures new. All that is left is a pile of wool and photograph, which serves as a reminder of the plight the poor beast was in when she was rescued.


 The story ends with the Trustees, at last night’s meeting, agreeing to offer your group the proceeds of the sale which they were happy to round up in recognition of the invaluable work and support willingly offered. The caring attitude of a few can make such a difference in helping to better the lives of those in difficult circumstances.


 Wishing you every success in providing a much needed and appreciated service to those in need in our community


 Your Sincerely 

Iain M Maciver

Estate Factor


The H.M.C.S.G. would like to take this opportunity to thank the Trustee of Stornoway Trust for their kind donation of £100 for the sale of the sheep. 

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